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Dogs on School Grounds

Please note that dogs are not allowed on the school grounds and should not be tied to the school railings.


Online Safety

Your child will use the internet to support their learning; this will be supervised by an adult and on a safe fire-walled connection. Every aspect of safe use of technology will be taught to ensure your child is aware of “Stranger Danger” issues when using social networks, e-mail and mobile phones. Parents should ensure that they supervise their child’s internet and mobile use at home to minimise the risk of inappropriate contacts being established.


Medical Matters

We need to be aware in school of any relevant issues concerning a child’s health, learning difficulties and home circumstances. Information given by parents will be treated as confidential.
If your child requires medicine during the school day, parents must complete the medical form at the school office. In the case of asthma, or other severe allergies, we ask that parents give full details on the Child Information Form of method, amount and frequency of medication to be taken. Please inform the school if your child has been diagnosed as suffering from asthma.
The school follows LA health and safety guidelines and there are clear procedures for accidents and emergencies. Parents will be informed of any accidents or injuries, that we are aware of, which occur in school.
School also works closely with the school nurse and dentist; a variety of health checks are carried out with parental permission.