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Class 2

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If you wish to know further information relating to the curriculum in Class 2 please do not hesitate to speak to Mrs DeCarteret via Class Dojo.


The children will be learning how to write a set of instructions. They will learn how to use imperative verbs whilst writing instructions. They will write these instructions in three parts and then learn to perform the instructions.

The children will then be learning how to explore and generate ‘mood’ from a created story. They will learn the correct use of conjunctions and give personal opinions about what is read.



In Year 1 the children are learning addition and subtraction up to 20. The children explore addition by counting on from a given number. They begin to understand that addition is commutative and that it is more efficient to start from the largest number.

The children will then be working on place value. They count forwards and backwards within 50. They will use a number track to support where needed, in particular crossing the tens boundaries and with teen numbers. The children build on previous learning of numbers to 20. They will learn about grouping in 10s and their understanding of 1 ten being equal to 10 ones is reinforced.

In Year 2 the children will describe equal groups. They will learn the importance of which groups are equal and unequal, and why they are equal or unequal. They will learn the use of the language of addition and multiplication, this will support them in understanding repeated addition and multiplication.



Religious Education 

Families and Celebrations

The children will talk about their feelings and experiences of family life and family celebrations including those in church. They will suggest an answer to questions like, ‘Why is my family important?’ ‘Why is it good to belong?’ They will recognise a story from Jesus’ early life, and some of its details, and that it is from the Bible. They will begin to retell (sequence), in any form, the story of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple




Our topic is materials. We will be learning what an object is made from, how to describe an object, if it will float and sink or if it is waterproof. They will learn which materials are absorbent and which materials are best for different objects.



The children will be learning about the United Kingdom, the capital cities and famous landmarks and also the oceans surrounding the United Kingdom. They will also learn about the history of the capital city of London. How people move around London and the famous landmarks of London.



Our Art activities will be based on the work of Matisse. We will learn a little about his life and his style of work. We will learn skills and build up to creating a piece of work in the style of Matisse



This term the children will develop familiarity with the keyboard – spacebar, backspace, shift, enter. They will make changes and save and retrieve their work. We will be using our new laptops.



The children will be working out with Joe Wicks, completing wake and shake activities and walking outdoors with families. In school they will be learning how to move in various ways using a ball.



.The children will learn to talk about feelings and the importance of saying if they are worried about anything. The importance of family and taking the time to talk to each other.



The children will be learning to use their voices in a range of ways. Exploring different ways to use their bodies and instruments. How to identify high and low sounds and also quiet and loud sounds.



The children will be learning how to sequence a set of instructions and also how to move an object by using basic coding. They will also be completing lots of activities on laptops via home learning.



The children will continue to be given their spellings according to their Year group. These will be sent home either via Class Dojo or in spelling books. These will go home on a Monday and be assessed the following Monday.




I will video stories for the children to hear.

The children will be given access to e-books which they can read with families. They will also be given daily phonics lessons. The children have been given a number of links to phonics games which they can access at any time which is convenient to them.



Below are a few of the learning activities we took part in last year.


As part of our  English project based on the book The Pirates Next Door, Class 2 visited Barnoldswick library where we listened to stories and songs about pirates. 

Dolphin Day

The children in Class 2 organised a bake sale to raise money to adopt a dolphin after learning about threats to dolphin survival in their recent topic. 

Long Term Planning



Please find below an outline of the topics covered in your child's class. 

If you wish to know further information relating to the curriculum in Class 2 please do not hesitate to speak to Mrs De Carteret, the class teacher.

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 Class 2 Long Term Plan Cycle B 2019-20 FINAL.pdfDownload
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