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Please log into Class Dojo in the event your child is not able to attend school due to self isolation, illness or school closure.

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Class 2

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If you wish to know further information relating to the curriculum in Class 2 please do not hesitate to speak to Mrs Ellison via Class Dojo.

English and Phonics 

We will work in small groups for English which are matched to the children’s individual needs.



This term Year 1 are beginning with counting up to 30 and getting a good understanding of number. We will then move on to addition and subtraction. Year 2 will revise numbers to 100 before also moving onto addition and subtraction.


Religious Education 

Our first RE topic is called ‘Chosen People’. We learn about how God has chosen us and how he chose Abraham and Moses.


Science .  

Our topic this term is ‘Animals, including Humans’. We will be comparing different animals and finding out what they need.



Our Geography topic this term is ‘Hot and Cold Places’. We will be learning all about the continents and what it’s like in different parts of the world.



Our History topic this term is ‘Homes in the Past’. We will look at a timeline of homes and then take a closer look at what homes were like in Victorian times.



We will be exploring mark making and experimenting with different materials. We will explore texture and combining materials to make a mixed media final piece.



This term we will explore making mechanisms to design a moving story book.



In Computing, we are recognising the use of technology and improving basic Computing techniques. We will also learn to use technology safely.



Class 2’s PE days this half term are Monday and Tuesday. Children come to school in their PE kit. They can come in their trainers. Pumps should permanently be in school in a pump bag for indoor wear. Please name everything.



We are learning about families, friendships, and safe relationships. We will also focus on the British Values Democracy and Rule of Law.



Children in Class 2 should read all of their reading book out loud to an adult every night. This is recorded in the green reading
record. The book and record must come to school every day to be checked or exchanged.

The day the books are changed will vary depending on which reading group your child is in, but you will receive at least two per week. These should be re-read to ensure fluency.

Thank you so much for all your support with reading at home.



Homework will be set on Class Dojo every week on Monday.  There will also be optional homework.  




Snail Art

Class 2 painted their clay snails after some careful observation of pattern and colour.


Class 2  tasted fruits and vegetables to decide which they would like to use to make a smoothie. We all liked different things!

Smoothie Making

Class 2 made their own smoothies! They chopped the fruit safely and used a blender.

 Playtime Games

Class 2 learned how to play some traditional playtime games, connected to our History topic for this term. 

Bug Hunting

As part of their Science topic of Living Thing and Habitats, Class 2 went on a bug hunt around the school grounds. 

Long Term Planning



Please find below an outline of the topics covered in your child's class. 

If you wish to know further information relating to the curriculum in Class 2 please do not hesitate to speak to Mrs Ellison, the class teacher.

 Class 2 Long Term Plans Cycle A&B.pdfDownload
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