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Science at St. Joseph’s


Pupils at St. Joseph’s will be taught the essential aspects of the knowledge, methods, processes and uses of science.  As their understanding of scientific concepts increases, they will use their knowledge of science to predict, explain and analyse new concepts and ideas. At St. Joseph’s we build on children’s natural curiosity and excitement about science with a creative and engaging science curriculum; all children will develop a positive attitude to science. Our science lessons will be practical and have a real-life purpose, to ensure children develop an understanding of the uses and implications of science now and in the future. Children will develop an awareness of the nature, processes and methods of science when working scientifically in a variety of science enquiries. Children will hear, see and use scientific language to develop their articulation of scientific concepts.


We use the Lancashire resources to provide an exciting, varied and imaginative science curriculum. We will cover the working scientifically skills within each unit, providing as many opportunities as possible to engage children in exploration and experimentation. Teachers are kept up to date on the current best practice through the use of ASE documents and CPD. At St. Joseph’s we hold a whole school science week to increase children’s engagement and enjoyment of science. 


Through our teaching of Science, pupils should be able to: enjoy and look forward to science lessons; recall knowledge they have been taught; use scientific language to explain concepts they have explored; and develop their scientific skills. 

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Science Week 2019

The school held our annual Science week and the children took part in lots of experiments and workshops. 

Class 5 Science workshops

The children in Class 5 organised workshops where they demonstrated a variety of scientific activities and shared their knowledge with the younger children in the school.

Greater Manchester STEM Centre

As part of Science week we were visited by representatives from Greater Manchester STEM centre who ran some amazing science activities including: making moon landers, rocket launching,and bugs. The children had a fantastic time taking part in these activities. 

Mr Hudson - West Craven

Mr Hudson from West Craven High School presented an amazing assembly on sound with lots of hands on experiments for the children to join in.

Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce visited the school as part of our science week.  The company had helped to make this week possible by giving the school a grant to support our STEM activities in school. They explained to the children how engines work and what happens in our local Rolls Royce factory, in addition to presenting some fantastic workshops.