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Class 5

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If you wish to know further information relating to the curriculum in Class 5 please do not hesitate to speak to Miss Gill, the class teacher via Class Dojo.



Our topic for the Autumn Term 1 is ‘Survival’ so our class book will be ‘Running Wild’ by Michael Morpurgo, which will support in the writing of an adventure story and biography. This will be supplemented with regular handwriting, spelling and grammar sessions. As you aware, it is very important that your child/children read regularly at home. At school, we suggest that this is for around 15 minutes per evening, alongside the use of Read Theory. In Class 5, we are also running a 20 Book Challenge, to read by the end of the academic year. Thank you for your assistance in supporting this.


 We will be looking at Place Value, the four operations (Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction and Division) alongside 2D and 3D shapes within the first half term. Quick recall is vital for this; therefore, children should be practising their times tables and number facts frequently at home, alongside the use of Times Table Rockstars. 

Religious Education

We will be focusing on ‘The Kingdom of God’. We will retell some parables and reflect on what the Kingdom of God is like. We will learn that the Kingdom is for everyone and we will see how the miracles of Jesus help us to see what God is like.



We will be learning about all Evolution and Inheritance to recognise that living things have changed over time and how fossils provide information about living things..  



In PSHE, Mr O’Leary will be leading a topic based around the term ‘Together’.



French will be taken by Miss England and will cover the topic ‘Getting to know you’ over the Autumn term.


Physical Education 

Children will have outdoor PE on a Monday and Wednesday. Please bring the outdoor PE kit on these days, and have an indoor kit always in school.. 



In Autumn 1, we will look at Ancient Greece and study their achievements and their influence on the western world




In Autumn 2, the children will be learning how to make and use Spreadsheets on excel with Mrs Ellison.



In Art, the children will be learning about William Morris and creating our own print.




Homework will be put onto ClassDojo on a Friday and will be checked on the following Friday.

Mathantics - a fun revision website 

Click here to visit the Mathantics website where you can watch video explanations of different areas of Maths. 



Check out the BBC Bitesize Maths website to revise all areas of maths -  click here 

If you want to revise your English visit the BBC Bitesize English page - click here

Below, are some of the learning activities we took part in last year.


Class 5 have been writing stories based on the story of the Titanic.  They researched a passenger who traveled on the vessel and wrote a story containing vivid flashbacks from that person's perspective.


Class 5 have been investigating electrical circuits.

Solar System

Class 5 have been sharing their finished non-chronological reports on the Solar System with Class 3 . 

Money Program

The children in Class 5 have been taking part in workshops with Mr Souter, where they learn about money and how to handle it in a productive way. They have learned about how loans, credit and debt work and the the different ways of borrowing money and the pitfalls they may encounter if they don't use money sensibly.


Class 5 took part in a Twitter conversation with the author of their class book Phoenix, S.F. Said. They asked lots of interesting questions about how he creates his books and where he gets inspiration for characters and plot lines.

Anti- Bullying

Children in Year 5/6  have covered a series of Anti-Bullying sessions with Phil. We learnt about self defence, types of bullying, and how we can trust our eyes, ears and emotions. One pupil said 'I enjoyed having Phil and I now know what to do if I ever get bullied'.


Burnley Football Club - Healthy Lifestyles

Burnley Football club visited today to start sessions in Class 5 about healthy lifestyles and looking after your body. They also put the learning into action!

Art and History with West Craven

Class 5 were visited by teachers from West Craven School and took part in lessons on art and history.  The children learned how to create poppies from recycled bottles and also investigated artifacts from both world wars.  The amazing poppies they created were placed in our prayer garden as part of our Remembrance Day commemoration.

Playground Leaders

Class 5 have been taking part in Playground Leader training and organising lots of exiting new activities for the younger children in school.

Long Term Planning



Please find below an outline of the topics covered in your child's class. 

If you wish to know further information relating to the curriculum in Class 5 please do not hesitate to speak to Miss Gill, the class teacher.

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