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Welcome to our school website. St. Joseph's is a GOOD school as rated by Ofsted in February 2023. We hope you find everything that you are looking for and much more! If you need any further information do not hesitate to contact school. Thank you.

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Class 5

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If you wish to know further information relating to the curriculum in Class 5 please do not hesitate to speak to Miss Gill, the class teacher via Class Dojo.


Our first topic for the Summer Term 1 is based around ‘Pet Peeves, which will work up to an informal blog post, allowing the children to perfect their chatty informal style of writing. This will be supplemented with regular handwriting, spelling and grammar sessions. As you aware, it is very important that your child/children read regularly at home. At school, we suggest that this is for around 15 minutes per evening, alongside the use of Read Theory. Thank you for your assistance in supporting this. 


Year 5 children will be Division, fractions, percentages, statistics, measurement. Year 6 children will be completing revision of Year 6 curriculum, in preparation of SATs. Children should be practising their times tables and number facts frequently at home through the use of Times Table Rockstars. .   

Religious Education

We will be focusing on the topic ‘Kingdom of God’ in Summer 1. In this unit the children will be introduced to the concept of the Kingdom of God. They will explore the concept of the Kingdom of God through some of the parables and miracles of Jesus and ways in which people respond to Jesus’ invitation to belong to his Kingdom. This is followed by a unit based on Catholic Social Teaching and the children will be completing a Faith in Action topic.




We will be learning about the Circulatory System in this half-term, including how to describe the function of the heart, blood vessels and lungs. They will learn how drugs, alcohol and exercise can impact their body too. In Summer 2, the children will be focusing on light.



Our computing topic ‘Programming Variables in games’ for Summer 1 will involve creating games through Scratch. In the second half-term it is Video Editing.   


Physical Education 

Children will have outdoor PE on a Monday and Thursday. Please ensure your child comes in their PE kit on these days. Pumps/school shoes should be worn inside on school days. Trainers should be in school at all times, so the class can use the track. Thank you for supporting this.



In Summer 1, we will look at the Leisure and Entertainment; this will be led by Miss Westwell.



In Summer 2, the children will be looking at completing fieldwork in Barnoldswick based on a traffic study.



In Summer 1, the children will learn about keeping personal information safe; increasing independence; managing transition time online. Year 6 children will be involved in Transition Work for Year 7.


Design and Technology

In DT, children will be working in pairs to design a playground.



In Summer 2, the children will be looking at an architecture topic.



Our first unit of work is on songwriting- this can sometimes appear daunting. We aim to give some straightforward starting points and simple ideas to help children feel confident about creating their own songs.

We finish the year with one of my favourite pieces of music, Dona nobis pacem is a round in three parts that is set to a short prayer for peace. It is in Latin and comes from the Agnus Dei of a Roman Catholic Mass. The phrase ‘Dona nobis pacem’ translates as ‘Grant us peace’. As well as being sung in churches, it has also been adopted for use as a song with a broader message about peace. The melody has been passed down orally and is thought to be traditional. In this unit, pupils will explore pulse work in 3-time, learn to sing the song as a round, learn about texture in music, and compare music with different textures. This is led by Miss Naylor.



Children will be learning French with Mrs Hargreaves. The topics for the following half terms include: Let’s do it Verbs and Meet my Family.




 Each week, the class will receive English (regular reading and 10 Read Theories) and Maths homework (30 mins of TTRS and a task) via ClassDojo. Weekly spellings will also be posted on ClassDojo. Please support this weekly homework to support your child’s learning.


Y6  Transition visit from Fisher More High School

 We had a visit from Mr. Johnson, the head of Y7 at Fisher More High School. He had a tour of school and then met with our Y6 pupils to explain the next step in their journey.

Art - Frank Bowling

Class 5 worked in groups to create their own version of Frank Bowling's work. They could drip the paint and use different tools to create their collaborative piece.

Respect assembly

Class 5 delivered a whole school assembly on the virtue of 'Respect'. They planned it and decided each reading and prayer.

Long Term Planning



Please find below an outline of the topics covered in your child's class. 

If you wish to know further information relating to the curriculum in Class 5 please do not hesitate to speak to Miss Gill, the class teacher.

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