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Playground Leaders

Children in Year 5 and 6 are playground leaders. They are fully trained to lead activities during lunchtime and support our younger  children develop social and physical skills


Views from our playground leaders:

  • I really enjoy being a playground leader because I know it helps our new children in Class 1 to join in games and make new friends
  • Being a playground leader is important. we have to be organised and set up the activities ready for the younger children in school
  • I am a playground leader and I feel very important helping children to learn new games
  • Being a playground leader means you have to co-operate and be a good role model to others

Views from children in Key Stage One

  • I get really excited when playground leaders starts because I really enjoy the games
  • I like being with the children from Class 5
  • Playground leaders is fun and I enjoy the games
  • My favourite game is throwing the beanbag into a hoop and scoring points for your team

 Our New Playground Leaders September 2021

Class 5 have been taking part in Playground Leader training ,where they have been learning how to lead a range of activities with  the younger children in our school.