St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School

St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School,
West Close Road, Barnoldswick
BB18 5EN

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As from 5th January school will go to remote learning, Details will be sent to families. Only children of key workers and vulnerable groups will attend school as from Wed 6th Jan.


As members of a Catholic school we are all involved in developing a caring and supportive atmosphere where good behaviour is encouraged and the safety and welfare of each child is of fundamental importance. We aim to develop self-discipline in our children so that they become responsible individuals and committed members of our Christian Community. Our approach to discipline reflects that of a concerned and reasonable parent.

It is our intention to maintain a happy, ordered environment where effective learning can take place. We will therefore expect the highest possible standards of behaviour from each individual child.

Good behaviour is encouraged through a system of positive rewards including praise (verbal and written), class merits/stickers, public display and performance and recognition in assemblies.

Bullying is actively discouraged at all times and any such offences are dealt with immediately.

The rules and reasons are pointed out to children whenever the need arises.



Most problems can usually be sorted out by the class teacher but persistent unsatisfactory work or behaviour will be dealt with by the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher. If there is a serious breach of discipline we will contact parents. A number of sanctions exist to promote good habits of learning and behaviour. These fall into three categories: