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RE Inspection Report

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In November 2018 we had our Section 48 Inspection.

Catholic Life-'Outstanding'

Religious Education-'Good'

Collective Worship-'Outstanding'

Governors and staff are very pleased with this inspection and the report clearly highlights our strengths. The inspector spoke very highly of our pupils throughout the inspection. They certainly were a credit to school.


The inspector acknowledged our many strengths including:


  • Strong effective leadership
  • The commitment to the children’s well-being and to the faith life of the school is a priority
  • The calm, harmonious community feel of St. Joseph’s is a real strength.
  • Governors are very active in school and the parish. They have an excellent understanding of the areas of strength and any areas for development.
  • Provision for and the commitment to College Worship, by leaders and staff, is outstanding.
  • Pupils’ contribution to the Catholic Life of the school is excellent.
  • Joseph’s is an inclusive school
  • Parish links are extremely strong
  • Pupils talk about RE with enthusiasm.
  • The vast majority of staff are practising Catholics. They are highly skilled in delivering worship and have excellent knowledge of the church’s year and how to plan worship that engages the children.
  • The school goes to great lengths to invite adults, so parents are fully informed of what is coming up.

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