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SCHOOL IS NOW CLOSED FOR THE SUMMER AND RE OPENS ON TUESDAY 3RD SEPTEMBER. HAVE A LOVELY AND SAFE SUMMER. Welcome to our school website. We hope you find all the information you are looking for.

Class 3

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If you wish to know further information relating to the curriculum in Class 3 please do not hesitate to speak to Mrs Dixon or Miss Pickering, the class teachers.



Our Grammar learning will include exploring root words for meaning and then use of a range of suffixes and prefixes.  We will also identify and try to use subordinate clauses in complex sentences.  We will consolidate our use of inverted commas for direct speech, use of expanded noun phrases and contracted words.

Our first narrative text will be performance poetry.  We will listen to and read a range of poetry.  We will explore one poem in detail and try and draw inference on the characters, thoughts, feelings and actions and justify with evidence from the text.  Our second narrative text will be a classic adventure story.  We will sequence and retell key events, make predictions and raise questions.  We will model writing a story based on the existing plot before writing a story independently.

In non-fiction the children will be reading a range of non-chronological reports on healthy eating.  They will identify the key features including sections (paragraphs), headings and subheadings; the present tense, technical language and the third person.  Please look out for these in any reading books at home.  We will write together a non-chronological report on a healthy food and then the children will write their own non-chronological report based on the eat well dish. 


Read Theory – Many children are using this 3 times a week at home and they are seeing real improvements in their reading comprehension.  Please try and use it regularly at home as part of your weekly homework.



In Year 2 -  Here are some of the areas we will cover. We will compare and order numbers up to 100 and use place value to solve problems.  We will practise adding and subtracting two digit numbers.  We will measure using units of capacity and revisit position, direction and time.  We will also revisit fractions and learn to count in steps of ½ and ¼  

In Year 3 - This is selection of some of the areas we will cover. We will practise using number facts such as times tables to solve problems.  We will revisit measure and add and subtract, multiply and divide using different units of measure.  We will also use money to solve addition and subtraction problems.  We will also use our knowledge of fractions in practical contexts.

The children will draw and make a range of 2D and 3D shapes and describe them using accurate language. We will recognise 2D and 3D shapes in different orientations.  We will also look out for horizontal and vertical lines and pairs of perpendicular and parallel lines.  The children will be able to identify symmetrical and non-symmetrical polygons and polyhedra

Maths Top Tips – Watch out! We’re launching Rockstars times tables in Class 3 early in the next term.  



Religious Education 


 Our first topic of the term is “Eastertide.” In this topic we will explore the story of Jesus and key events from The Resurrection to Pentecost.  We will retell some of these events and make links between the story and how it is useful to us today.  Our second topic will be “Being a Christian.” We will recognise some of the key qualities of being a Christian and how we can use references from the bible to help and inspire us in our everyday lives.  


History. Geography and Art

In History, Geography and Art the children will be looking at historical buildings around Barnoldswick. We will look at listed buildings and discuss why they are listed. They will use a map (with a key) and locational language to follow “The plaque trail” of Barnoldswick.  On route we will make observational drawings of buildings and discuss the buildings change of use. We will take digital photos of the buildings so that we can plot them on to our map using coordinates.  We will then compare them to old photos and paintings, and from this the children will be able to build up a picture of what life was like in Barnoldswick around 100 years ago.  We will use our photos and observations to discuss perspective and use watercolour to paint 3D buildings.  

We will also be using geographical equipment to undertake weather surveys around the school as we change from Spring in to Summer; make a delicious healthy pudding to consolidate our work on the eat well plate and are waiting eagerly for our replies from our American penpals. 




Our first Summer topic is “Light.” We will investigate a range of light sources, explain and understand about reflection and reflective materials.  We will then explain about the benefits and dangers of the sun and UV light.  Finally we will explore how light travels and how shadows are formed. 




Sportscool will continue their Thursday afternoon sessions with the whole class.  Please make sure your child has a full indoor PE Kit in school, including socks for girls if they wear tights for school. Children should also bring in an outdoor kit for both sessions as PE will be outdoors weather permitting.

Year 3 Swimming – Swimming will be on Tuesday afternoons of the first half term.

Children will need a bag with their swimming costume/trunks and a towel (no shower gel or shampoo as there is no time for showers.  Children with longer hair will require a swimming cap (swimming pool rules). Boys need to wear trunks style rather than loose fitting shorts.



We will looking at stories that illustrate the importance of honesty.  We will also be preparing an assembly to share with parents and the whole school.  We will illustrate our class virtue of “Honesty” and how we use it daily in our lives.


Music lessons in Class 3 this term will focus around one song: 'Three Little Birds.' by Bob Marley. We will use Lancashire's 'Charanga'  scheme which presents an integrated approach to music where games, elements of music (pulse, rhythm, pitch etc.), singing and playing instruments are all linked. As well as learning to sing, play, improvise and compose with this song, children will listen and appraise other reggae songs.

Twinning with St. Philip's 

Year 3 visited St. Philip's in Nelson as part of our twinning project.  The children took part in a variety of activities where they learned lots of new things about each other. 

Our Class Virtue - Honesty

Class 3 created a wonderful display about their Class virtue 'Honesty' where they wrote what this virtue means to them.

Iron Age Project

Class 3 have been using the ipads to research the Iron Age and creating their own versions of Iron age pottery. 

Geography Field Trip

Class 3 went on a field trip around the local area where they put their map reading skills into action. 

Long Term Planning



Please find below an outline of the topics covered in your child's class. We are currently in cycle A.

If you wish to know further information relating to the curriculum in Class 3 please do not hesitate to speak to Mrs Dixon or Miss Pickering, the class teachers.

 Class 3 Long Term Plan A 2018-19.pdfDownload
 Class 3 Long Term Plan B 2019-20.pdfDownload
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