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Class 3

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If you wish to know further information relating to the curriculum in Class 3 please do not hesitate to speak to Mrs Dixon (Monday to Thursday) or Mrs Honeyman (Friday), the class teachers.



We will begin the term looking at the text “A Bear Called Paddington”. This is not the usual text I would use, however the planning behind this unit has been designed to try and cover some of the missed learning from the Spring and Summer Term.  We will explore vocabulary and grammar such as nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.  We will go on to explore subordination.  Within our writing we will copy a model and develop our own stories based on the story.  To compliment our history topic Mrs Honeyman will be exploring how to write biographies and we will develop our own biography of a famous person involved in the battles in Britain during the time of the Roman invasion. In the second half term we will explore short stories with a meaning using Aesop’s Fables, making choices on our favourite stories, giving reasons why we like them or dislike them.  We will then try creating our own fables. We will finish the term retelling the Christmas Story.



We will start the term with some initial assessments and quizzes.  Throughout the half term and each topic we will apply  new learning in problem solving activities.

In Year 2 – In the first half term we will cover number and place value (tens and units). We will investigate measurement using length and mass. We will add and subtract using one and two digit numbers. Then finally explore geometry, 2D and 3D shapes. We will follow on in the second half term counting in different multiples, exploring multiplication and sorting. We will use and interpret statistics. Introduce fractions more formally. Our measurement will concentrate on capacity and volume. We will also investigate money and telling time.

In Year 3 – In the first half term we will cover number and place value hundreds, tens and units. Follow this with place value and mental calculation.  We will explore 2D shape, length and mental calculation techniques. We will also use and interpret statistics again using mental calculation. We will also begin more formal written addition and written subtraction methods.  In the second half term we will start by looking at counting, sequences and multiplication facts. We will begin to use written multiplication and division methods. We will learn more about telling the time and in geometry investigate 3D shape properties further.

Maths Top Tips – We encourage children to wear a watch to help reading the time and this will also help them grow in independence. Please ask your child questions about what time it is and how long do we have before we have to leave etc.? Continue to practise times tables daily. Using times tables in word problems questions will also really show your child the relevance of learning and using times tables in their daily life.


Religious Education 

 Our first topic is “The Chosen People, Chosen by God” We will learn how Abraham was chosen, Moses was chosen and how Daniel had to be brave. Our second topic will be “Mary Our Mother”. We will learn how God called Mary to be the Mother of Jesus, Mary's response, The Hail Mary, Preparing for Advent, Christmas and celebrating the birth of Jesus, The Shepherds and The Wise Men.  



Before half term we will explore “The Romans invasion of Britain” We will explore when and why they invaded Britain, the role of Boudica and the impact of the Roman invasion on Britain.



.After half term, it’s Geography. We will name and locate the counties and cities of the UK, geographical regions and their identifying human and physical characteristics, key topographical features (hills, mountains, coasts and rivers) and land use patterns. 



Our first topic will be “Materials”. We will distinguish between an object and the material it is made of. Identify a variety of everyday materials, compare and group materials, identify changes in materials.  Our second topic is Animals (including humans). We will investigate nutrition, diet and movement. Note that animals, including humans have offspring, find out about and describe the basic needs of animals, describe the importance of exercise, food and hygiene, identify that animals require the right amount of nutrition and that they cannot make their own food



 One Goal now deliver PE on Thursday afternoon with the whole class.  Please make sure your child has a full indoor PE kit in school, including socks for girls if they wear tights for school. Children should also bring in an outdoor kit for both sessions as PE will be outdoors weather permitting.

Year 3 Swimming – We are waiting for updates on when swimming will restart.  When we do start classes, children will need a bag with their swimming costume/trunks and a towel (no shower gel or shampoo as there is no time for showers).  Children with longer hair will require a swimming cap. Boys need to wear trunks style rather than loose fitting shorts. (swimming pool rules).


Our two topics for the Autumn Term will be 'Mental and Physical Health' and 'Growing up'.



We will be playing simple melodies, performing in a group, improvising simple patterns and composing our own melodies using a pentatonic scale.



In French our topic will be “Getting to know you”. This will cover introductions and asking questions about where someone lives and their name. Numbers and colours will also be ongoing.


Art and DT

We will learn how to Collage.  We will select materials for effect, refine work, learn and practise techniques and learn and use key vocabulary.

 We will look at various photo frame designs.  Design, test and refine photo frames for our own use.



We are learning how to use Internet browsers and search engines efficiently and how to stay safe online. 



 Please read daily with your child.  Weekly homework is usually Maths based and this will be set via the Class Dojo.  Occasionally additional homework will be set connected to our Novel or Topic. 


Class Dojo

As we currently cannot meet face to face, I will post messages on Class Dojo.  You can also message me with updates, any queries or concerns.


Science - Materials

Class 3 have been looking at our environment searching for different types of materials.

Class Certificates

Well done to these pupils in Class 3 who have returned to school and set a super example to others and are working very hard.

Below are a few of the learning activities we took part in last year.

Rocks and Soils

Class 3 have been investigating the properties of different types of rocks. They identified them, tested how permeable they were and compared the hardness of each rock. 

Remembrance Assembly

Class 3 led an asssembly with KS2 on Remembrance Sunday. They each participated and reflected upon the lives of those in the past and present 'Lest we forget'.

Twinning with St. Philip's 

Year 3 visited St. Philip's in Nelson as part of our twinning project.  The children took part in a variety of activities where they learned lots of new things about each other. 

Our Class Virtue - Honesty

Class 3 created a wonderful display about their Class virtue 'Honesty' where they wrote what this virtue means to them.

Long Term Planning



Please find below an outline of the topics covered in your child's class. We are currently in cycle B.

If you wish to know further information relating to the curriculum in Class 3 please do not hesitate to speak to Mrs Dixon or Mrs Honeyman, the class teachers.

 Class 3 Long Term Plan 2020-21 FINAL.pdfDownload
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 Class 3 Long Term Plan Cycle B 2019-20 FINAL.pdfDownload
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