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Class 3

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If you wish to know further information relating to the curriculum in Class 3 please do not hesitate to speak to Mrs Dixon (Monday to Thursday) or Mrs Honeyman (Friday), the class teachers.



 Our grammar focus throughout will be making sure we can use and identify nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.  In addition, we will explore effective use of prepositions and coordinating and subordinating conjunctions.  Our first text will be narrative, The Way Home for Wolf.  We will explore the characters thoughts and feelings and make predictions throughout.  We will follow this with some non-fiction writing on animals, identify key features of a non-fiction text. In the second half term we will explore poems with a structure – creating poems with shape. Our main narrative will be The Christmas Story.  We will sequence the key parts of the story, write recounts in role and explore the use of direct speech in creative writing.  



In Year 2 – We will start by looking at Number and Place Value, moving onto measurement - Length and Mass. We will follow by developing our understanding of addition and subtraction. We will finish with Geometry learning about 2D and 3D Shape. 

In Year 3 – We will start by developing our understanding of number and place value. Moving on to using our knowledge of place value in mental calculation. We will investigate 2D shape. We will learn written addition and subtraction. 


Maths Top TipsWe encourage children to wear a watch to help reading the time and this will also help them grow in independence. Please ask your child questions about what time it is and how long do we have before we have to leave? Continue to practise times tables daily. Using times tables in word problems questions will also really show your child the relevance of learning and using times tables in their daily life. 


Religious Education 

Our first topic will be the Christian Family – we will explore what it means to be part of God’s family, learn about the signs and symbols of Baptism, explore Baptismal promises and Baptism as a Sacrament.  Our second topic will be Mysteries.  We will learn some of the mysteries and reflect on what they mean to us.  These will include three persons one God, the Annunciation.  We will reflect on  
Jesus as God’s gift to whole world. 



Local History – We will investigate what life was like in the 1890s in our local area, investigating maps and plans of then and now. .



Our topic is Health.  We will be discussing healthy lifestyles, sleep, mental health and what to do in an emergency situation.



Our topic will be The Lake District.  We will investigate where is the Lake District is and use maps and photographs to locate and describe the key physical and human features of the Lake District. We will then think critically about tourism. We will discuss tourism and what are the benefits and costs of tourism to an area?   



Our first topic will be materials.  We will distinguish between an object and the material it is made of, identify a variety of everyday materials, compare and group materials then identify changes in materials.   Our second topic will be Skeletons - Muscles and movement.  We will identify that humans and some other animals have skeletons, identify types of skeleton and identify and name bones. 



We will practise and advance our word processing skills.  Using basic skills we will change the case of text, align text, use bullets and numbering, use the <ctrl> key, insert and format text boxes, manipulate text, underline text, centre text, change font and size and save text to a folder.



We will learn about 3D modelling with clay.  Creating food to model from.  We will plan, design and make models. Join clay, use tools to sculpt. Compare and make suggestions for improvements. 


Design and Technology

We will explore Structures - shell/frame. Generate ideas for an item, considering its purpose and the user/s. We will make drawings with labels when designing, select tools and techniques for making our product.  We will evaluate our ideas, suggesting improvements.



We will learn numbers, days of the week and months of the year.



One Goal now deliver PE on Thursday afternoon with the whole class.  Mrs Dixon will deliver Tuesday afternoon sessions.  Children will wear their PE kit on these two days. Please make sure your child has indoor pumps in school.


Glockenspiels 1- This is a Unit of Work that introduces children to learning about the language of music through playing the glockenspiel. The learning is focused around exploring and developing playing skills. Great composer: Mozart                                           



Please read daily with your child.  Weekly homework is usually Maths based and this will be set via the Class Dojo.  Occasionally additional homework will be set connected to our Novel or Topic.  In addition please aim to use Read Theory three days per week and take a look at and try reading from the online Bug Club books that have been allocated to you child.  These help to build both read stamina and reading comprehension.  Also practise times tables using TT Rockstars. 


Class Dojo

We will continue to post messages on Class Dojo.  You can also message us with updates, any queries or concerns.              


Long Term Planning



Please find below an outline of the topics covered in your child's class. We are currently in cycle B.

If you wish to know further information relating to the curriculum in Class 3 please do not hesitate to speak to Mrs Dixon or Mrs Honeyman, the class teachers.

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