St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School

St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Barnoldswick
Lancashire BB18 5EN

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Welcome to our new families and children in Reception. Please use our school calendar to keep up to date with dates for your diaries. Please register to receive our newsletters too.

Holiday form


Absence and Attendance

We expect regular attendance and punctuality. School monitors pupil’s attendance. Children who achieve a high standard are rewarded at the end of the year. Certificates are awarded weekly to the class with the highest attendance. We strongly discourage parents from removing children from school for a family holiday during term time, as this can have a negative impact upon their progress. Taking leave during term time is not authorised (unless for exceptional circumstances) by the School Governing Body. Parents must notify the school in advance if absence of leave is planned during term time and a request must be made to the Governing Body. Fixed penalty notices from the Local Authority will be enforced when a child has unauthorised absence for five or more days.

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