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School council


Meet our new School Council

Our School Council at St. Joseph’s provides each child’s voice to be heard within our school. Every year the children democratically vote two representatives, a boy and a girl, from Year 1 through to Year 6 to collectively share all our pupil’s views and suggestions. These councillors are elected by their year group following a presentation/speech that they have prepared. Every half term the School Council meets following Class Council meetings and these views and suggestions are put forward and wherever possible, acted upon.

Recent actions/decisions have included:

A total new playground surface that was designed for both KS1 and KS2

A banner that is being designed to be used for school events

An extension to our playground for juniors that will include activity equipment

The theme to our summer fair

Equipment received through vouchers – Supermarket vouchers for gardening and play equipment

Winners of the Speaker’s School Council Awards 2015


Our councillors at St. Joseph’s do make a difference to our school and take a very active role in improving school life. The children put in a lot of time and effort and enjoy making decisions. They take their role very seriously and wear their councillor badges with pride!

Mrs De Carteret (deputy headteacher) leads the school council.

Meeting the Mayor

Report by Emily and Demi

On 24th February the school council went to visit the Mayor at the town hall. We learned lots about the history of our county ( Lancashire) and about the town hall.

Everyone who participated throughly enjoyed this amazing opportunity. We were even able to visit the old cells and hold beautiful chains belonging to past mayors and mayoresses .One chain even had a real diamond which was priceless.

Overall, this was a magnificient opportunity and the children who took part all wish to visit again.