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Welcome to our school website. We hope you find all the information you are looking for. Our statement to live by this week is: 'I co-operate with others in work and play.'


At St. Joseph’s we want our children to develop enquiring minds. We offer opportunities to develop knowledge and understanding of important scientific areas, processes and skills and to relate these to everyday experiences. The children develop thinking skills by observing, exploring, discovering, questioning and investigating the natural and manmade world.

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Science Week 2017

Below are some of the activities that the children took part in for our annual Science Week organised by Mr Bell.


 Paper Aeroplane Competition

To begin Science week, Mr Bell announced a Paper Aeroplane Competition where the children were invited to design an aeroplane which would be tested and judged at the the end of the week.


Rolls Royce 

The school were visited by representatives from Rolls Royce who led a workshop "How to make an aeroplane fly".  The children learned how the engines made at the local factory worked and how they were manufactured. 


A team from Silentnight ran a workshop "How to make a mattress".  They showed the children the different components that are used and how they use infra-red cameras to identify the parts of a mattress that become hottest when being used , in this way they can ensure that the mattresses are comfortable and prevent the sleeper from overheating.

Class 5 Science Workshops

Class 5 led workshops for the other classes, these included : surface tension, sound, taste, light, chemical reactions, floating and sinking, air resistance, surface tension, elasticity, and atmospheric pressure.

Fisher More

Mr Simpson and his colleagues from Fisher More presented " The Miracle of Flight".  The children learned about air resistance and were challenged to make a parachute, using a limited number of components,  which would most efficiently show the effects of air resistance, opening up well and safely carrying its passenger to the ground.

Adrian Bowden - Science Show

Adrian Bowden once again presented an amazing science show where the children investigated Forces and Light and Sound.

 Paper Aeroplane Competition  Final

To finish Science week ,the children presented the paper aeroplanes they had designed throughout the week.  They were flown and judged on: best flyer designed at home; best flyer designed at school; best design made at home and best design made at school.