St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School

St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Barnoldswick
Lancashire BB18 5EN

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Our Statement to Live By this week is- I can say one good thing about myself. Admissions September 2019. Please join us on our open day, 10th October 2018. All very welcome. No booking required. Viewings at 9.30am, 11am and 1.15pm. Please join us to see our wonderful school in action. Thank you

Our Houses

Why have Houses Teams?

We feel the children benefit from being members of mixed age school teams. It helps develop opportunities for year groups to work together, encourages children to support each other, it gives the children a strong sense of responsibility and belonging and provides them with a range of additional activities to take part in.

How many House Teams are there?

There are four houses with balanced numbers of boys and girls and numbers from each year group. Family members are in the same house.

Our 4 houses are named after local hills:

  • Pendle
  • Boulsworth
  • Hawshaw
  • Weets

How do children get house points?
House points are awarded for various reasons including achievements and good behaviour throughout the school day. We also add sports day points to the totals. Any member of staff can award house points.

How does a house win the house cup?
House points are recorded on a classroom chart. Fortnightly, points are totalled and announced  in our Good News  assembly. At the end of the term the winning team is announced and they receive an award and also have the opportunity to wear non-school uniform for one day!