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Maths Challenge at West Craven High School

Four Year 6 children completed a Maths Challenge Event at West Craven High School .  They competed against other schools with in a variety of different Maths challenges including speed rounds and logic questions.

Playground Leaders

Class 5 have been taking part in Playground Leader training and organising lots of exiting new activities for the younger children in school.

Class 5

If you wish to know further information relating to the curriculum in Class 5 please do not hesitate to speak to Mrs Henderson, the class teacher.


Each morning the children will practise their skills at handwriting, grammar and punctuation and spelling. Throughout the week they will have the opportunity to read pieces of text and analyse them in depth, looking for clues to questions based on inference and deduction. Daily reading at home/school will give them the skills needed to become competent and confident readers to tackle longer pieces of work. As you may know from the new Reading SATs tests, children now need to read at speed much longer and more complex texts with the ability to skim and scan efficiently and use their skills of inference and deduction to answer questions. We will focus on these important skills throughout the year.

Children will have the opportunity to listen to a novel and give predictions and express preferences. They will look at stories/films using flashbacks. They will write parts of a story based on these. They will also write a character description written in the style of an author. The children will carry out research, write and present a biography and write an autobiography, written in the role as a character.



The term will start by revising place value and comparing and ordering numbers up to one million and three decimal places. We will study in depth the four calculations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will then focus on 2D and 3D shape. Again knowledge and learning of times tables are vitally important in this term and time will be given to learn 11 and 12 times tables.

After the mid-term holiday we will work with fractions, investigate measure- length including perimeter and area, and statistics including interpreting and constructing pie-charts. 


Religious Education

We will be looking at ‘The Kingdom of God’. We will retell some parables and reflect on what the kingdom of God is like. We will learn that the kingdom is for everyone and we will see how the miracles of Jesus help us to see what God is like.                

(There will be an RE newsletter that follows to explain the topic for this half term in more detail.)




The children will be having Miss Pickering on a Monday afternoon. Starting the year off with a bang, Class 5 will be learning about electricity. Initially, they will be taught the dangers of electricity and how to take the necessary precautions for working safely with it. Then they will investigate constructing a series of circuits in order to help them answer questions about what happens when they try adding different components such as bulbs and switches. Additionally, they will learn how to represent a simple circuit using recognised symbols. The children will work scientifically by systematically identifying the effect of changing one component at a time in a circuit.

Later in the term, the children will learn about the investigations and discoveries of a range of famous scientists. 


The learning within our topic during next half term focuses on holidays and leisure and in particular Blackpool, as a seaside resort.

Miss Naylor will look at the importance of the railway system linked to the Bank Holiday Act of 1871 and how this led to Blackpool’s popularity amongst British Holidaymakers. She will teach a mixture of the history and geography that led to Blackpool being such a popular destination.



Mrs Hopkins will teach class 5 French on Thursday afternoon.


Physical Education 

In the first half of the Autumn term the children will have Miss Bythell on a Monday afternoon. They will focus on hockey skills. As the weather should be fine in the first half term we are going to wear our P.E kit for all sports activities. 

The P.E. kit should comprise of: black shorts; white polo shirt and black pumps – no motifs please. Earrings must be removed prior to the lessons.

Please note: This P.E. kit must be in school at all times!

After the half term break Class 5 will go swimming on a Tuesday afternoon.

Sportscool will then take the children on a Wednesday afternoon where they will participate in invasion games looking at the skills needed when working as part of a team.



A new topic for Year 5/6 curriculum will be taught on a Wednesday afternoon. The children will investigate what life was like in the Norman period and research the Battle of Hastings.



Homework generally will be given on a Thursday and should be returned on a Tuesday. There will be a mulitplication test during the week and a spelling test at various times during the half term.

It is important that every member of Class 5 reads for 15 (minimum) each evening; completes all weekly maths and writing homework and practises their weekly spellings and times table facts.


Playground Leaders

Class 5 have been training to be Playground Leaders. We will be showing the younger children in school lots of exciting games and activities they can do at playtime.


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Homework and Revision

Click on the pictures above to visit the BBC bitesize revision site.


Mathematical Puzzles

Keep your brains in trim by using some of these puzzles and games. Click now!

Long Term Planning



Please find below an outline of the topics covered in your child's class. We are currently in Year A of the two year cycle.

If you wish to know further information relating to the curriculum in Class 5 please do not hesitate to speak to Mrs Henderson, the class teacher.

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