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Class 5

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If you wish to know further information relating to the curriculum in Class 5 please do not hesitate to speak to Mrs Henderson, the class teacher.


We will focus on older literature looking in particular at Macbeth by William Shakespeare. The children will explore short extracts from the original text with modern retellings of the story and film versions – Shakespeare: The Animated Tales. They will write a scene/chapter drawing on writing style of modern day writers who have retold these stories. Poems with imagery will be the focus on our shorter unit, featuring ‘Owl’ and ‘City Jungle’ by Pie Corbett and ‘The Warm and the Cold’, by Ted Hughes. The children will also explore information texts, analysing different types of writing and exploring new vocabulary in context. They will produce a prospectus, providing information to old and new parents, on the provisions at St. Joseph’s School, Barnoldswick!

In the second half of term the children will be ‘Super Sleuths’ and write a short whodunit story based on a Sherlock Holmes novel. They will write detailed explanations on gadgets/games that interest them.

Handwriting, grammar, spelling and punctuation are still timetabled daily as an important and vital part in the children’s learning of English. We will look at the effects of ellipsis and colons, and we will investigate and collect a range of synonyms and antonyms to improve the quality of the children’s writing.



We start the new term with Measurement, calculating the area and volume of shapes. We will then move on to Place value, with the emphasis on negative numbers and sequences. In Geometry, we will be classifying and identifying properties of quadrilaterals, plotting coordinates in all four quadrants and reflecting and translating simple polygons in both the x and y axes. We will look at calculating with fractions, in particular, multiplying and dividing them. Written calculations (division and multiplication) will be presented in worded problems; the children will unpick these, taking out the relevant information and then apply their knowledge of written calculations to solve the problem.

As always knowledge and speed of recalling times table facts (up to 12) is vital and the children must continue to learn these each week.


Religious Education

We will be looking at ‘The Kingdom of God’. We will retell some parables and reflect on what the kingdom of God is like. We will learn that the kingdom is for everyone and we will see how the miracles of Jesus help us to see what God is like. (There will be an RE newsletter that follows to explain the topic for this half term in more detail.) Children will work together on leading junior assemblies on a rota and will deliver class collective worship in small groups weekly.             




The children will begin by investigating the human body. They will identify, name and locate the bodies’ main organs. Then they will look at the circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems and how they work. The children will have a visitor who will discuss with them the amazing technology of his pace maker and how it works. Finally the children will look at the effects of diet and drugs, such as nicotine and alcohol on the body, and develop their own experiments to test the effects of exercise on the body too.

In addition to Miss Pickering’s Monday science lessons, the Life Caravan will visit early in the term (January) to explore many of the above topics. The children will also have workshops led by Burnley Football Club (Friday afternoons) to explore a healthy lifestyle and how food and exercise can impact on their health 



Miss Naylor will take the children on a Wednesday afternoon for music. The learning will be focused around the song ‘Happy’ by Pharell Williams. They will also be listening to different types of music from around the world.



French will be continued on a Thursday afternoon with Miss England.



As well as being aware of Online Safety, the children will use and produce spreadsheets and databases in a number of curriculum areas.


Physical Education 

Children will be taught on a Wednesday afternoon by SportsCool. It is important that your child comes with full outdoor kit on these occasions and has an indoor kit in school at all times.


It is important that every member of Class 5 reads for 15 minutes (minimum) each evening; completes all weekly maths and writing homework and practises their weekly spellings and times table facts. Read Theory and Rock Star Times Tables are valuable online activities that your child should be accessing on a weekly basis. The reading record book should have at least two signatures per week from an adult acknowledging the child’s reading. Year 6 children must regularly read their CGP books throughout the year as a revision aid.


Anti- Bullying

Children in Year 5/6  have covered a series of Anti-Bullying sessions with Phil. We learnt about self defence, types of bullying, and how we can trust our eyes, ears and emotions. One pupil said 'I enjoyed having Phil and I now know what to do if I ever get bullied'.


Burnley Football Club - Healthy Lifestyles

Burnley Football club visited today to start sessions in Class 5 about healthy lifestyles and looking after your body. They also put the learning into action!

Art and History with West Craven

Class 5 were visited by teachers from West Craven School and took part in lessons on art and history.  The children learned how to create poppies from recycled bottles and also investigated artifacts from both world wars.  The amazing poppies they created were placed in our prayer garden as part of our Remembrance Day commemoration.

Money Program

The children in Class 5 have been taking part in workshops with Mr Souter, where they learn about money and how to handle it in a productive way. They have learned about how loans, credit and debt work and the the different ways of borrowing money and the pitfalls they may encounter if they don't use money sensibly.

Playground Leaders

Class 5 have been taking part in Playground Leader training and organising lots of exiting new activities for the younger children in school.


Homework and Revision

Click on the pictures above to visit the BBC bitesize revision site.


Mathematical Puzzles

Keep your brains in trim by using some of these puzzles and games. Click now!

Long Term Planning



Please find below an outline of the topics covered in your child's class. We are currently in Year A of the two year cycle.

If you wish to know further information relating to the curriculum in Class 5 please do not hesitate to speak to Mrs Henderson, the class teacher.

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