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Class 5

If you wish to know further information relating to the curriculum in Class 5 please do not hesitate to speak to Mrs Henderson, the class teacher.


During the first half term we will read a class science fiction story together and use shared-writing techniques to model and improve their own science fiction story, using effective adverbials for time and place. During reading sessions, the children will recommend books to their peers with reasons for choices and justify opinions by referring to the text (Point + Evidence + Explanation).

They will also investigate autobiographies/biographies choosing an inspirational person who they will write a biography on.

They will revisit non-fiction text types: explanations, non-chronological reports, recounts, instructions and discussion and persuasion. 

Handwriting, grammar and punctuation are still timetabled daily as an important and vital part in the children’s learning of English.



The new term starts with place value, identifying numbers up to 7-digits and understanding what each digit represents.

In Geometry, the children will be classifying and identifying properties of quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons and octagons. They will identify the properties of circles too; naming their parts and drawing circles using a pair of compasses. Adding and subtract numbers both mentally and using written column method will be revisited. They will also use and know prime numbers. Later in the term they will enjoy plotting coordinates in all four quadrants and reflecting simple polygons in both the x and y axes.

As always knowledge and speed of recalling times table facts (up to 12) is vital and the children must continue to learn these facts each week.


Religious Education


The children will study the topic “Jesus, the Bread of Life.”  We will together look at Passover and The Last Supper and the children will understand what it is to sacrifice and learn about the penitential rite; the Liturgy of the word in mass; Offertory; Consecration and Holy Communion. We will also look at ‘Inspirational People’ and research various saints as Year 6 prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation. Confirmation classes for the Year 6 children will start in March, in school time and will continue until their Confirmation in May. These sessions will be led by myself and Father Firth.



The topic for this term is ‘Forces, levers and pulleys’ which the children will explore and investigate on Monday afternoons with Miss Pickering. They will explore falling objects and raise questions about the effects of air resistance. The children will also explore these effects of air resistance by observing how parachutes fall. They will experience forces that make things begin to move, get faster or slow down. The children will investigate the effects of friction on movement and find out how it slows or stops moving objects by observing the effects of a brake on a bicycle wheel. They will learn how levers, pulleys and simple machines affect movement and research scientists who helped to develop the theory of gravitation.


The Amazon Adventure will be the focus for Class 5’s Geography after the half term break with Miss Naylor



The children will have the opportunity to explore the roles and purposes of artists, craftspeople and designers in different times and cultures. The theme allows the children to investigate abstract painting and create their own for imaginary planet surfaces. We will look at the work of Jackson Pollock, Kandinsky, Miro and Mark Rothko.



The children will work on making databases and spreadsheets with Mrs Lucas. Every term the children revisit online safety through a range of resources provided for children (these include videos, powerpoint presentations and quizzes.)



Throughout the term we will be discussing the importance of being healthy (diet, exercise and hygiene) and how our bodies, grow and change as we approach puberty. We will also look at how our friendship groups can change as we look towards moving schools.



Mrs Hopkins will teach class 5 French on Thursday afternoon.


Miss Naylor will teach music in the first half term on a Wednesday afternoon. Mrs Palmer will continue with music for the children with instruments as usual.


Physical Education 


Please note:  P.E. kit must be in school at all times!


The children will partake in a range of team games on a Wednesday afternoon and develop their skills with Sportscool.


Homework generally will be given on a Thursday and should be returned on a Tuesday. There will be various multiplication tests and spelling tests throughout the term and it is important that your child continues learning their times tables up to 12 and their Year 5/6 spelling list.

It is important that every member of Class 5 reads for 15 minutes (minimum) each evening; completes all weekly maths and writing homework and practises their weekly spellings and times table facts. The reading record book (green book) should have at least two signatures per week from an adult acknowledging the child’s reading. Year 6 children must regularly read their CGP books throughout the year as a revision aid.


Maths Challenge at West Craven High School

Four Year 6 children completed a Maths Challenge Event at West Craven High School .  They competed against other schools with in a variety of different Maths challenges including speed rounds and logic questions.

Playground Leaders

Class 5 have been taking part in Playground Leader training and organising lots of exiting new activities for the younger children in school.


Nessy login

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Homework and Revision

Click on the pictures above to visit the BBC bitesize revision site.


Mathematical Puzzles

Keep your brains in trim by using some of these puzzles and games. Click now!

Long Term Planning



Please find below an outline of the topics covered in your child's class. We are currently in Year A of the two year cycle.

If you wish to know further information relating to the curriculum in Class 5 please do not hesitate to speak to Mrs Henderson, the class teacher.

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