St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School

St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School,
West Close Road, Barnoldswick
BB18 5EN

01282 813045

Mrs Beech at

Class 5 bubble closed all week (25th-30th) due to a positive case in class. As from 5th January school will go to remote learning, Details will be sent to families. Only chilldren of key workers and vulnerable families will attend school as from Wed 6th Jan.



Mrs N Wood

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs M De Carteret

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs N Wood

Mrs M De Carteret

Mrs N Dixon 

Teaching Staff



Ms C Naylor                            Class 1

Mrs L Honeyman                   Class 1

Mrs De Carteret                     Class 2

Mrs N Dixon                           Class 3

Mrs L Honeyman                   Class 3

Mrs Ellison (presently on   Class 4 Maternity leave)

Miss Guirdham                      Class 4

Mrs H Gill                               Class 5

Miss England                         French






(Fridays only)





(Mondays only)

Teaching Assistants





Apprentice Teaching Assistants

Mrs J Lucas

Ms C Brindle

Mrs J Balk

Mrs L Catlow

Mrs R Irons

Mrs R Brennan

Miss A Shazadee

Miss C Hines


Mrs M Beech

Site Supervisor

Mr S Demaine


Mrs W Warrington

Canteen Assistant

Mrs H Clarke

Welfare Assistants

Mrs J Balk

Mrs J Lucas

Mrs L Catlow

Mrs A Williams
Mrs R Brennan


(Special Educational
Needs Co-Ordinator)

Mrs N Wood

Designated Senior Person

Breakfast Club Leader 

Mrs L Catlow/Mrs R Brennan

After School Club Manager

Mrs R Brennan

Mrs N Wood