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Our vision, values and ethos


At St Joseph's we believe that every child is special and has God given talents and skills. We provide a Catholic education promoting the academic, physical, spiritual, moral and social development of each child.

St Joseph’s school, in partnership with the Parish of St Joseph’s Barnoldswick which includes St Patrick’s Earby, seek to share with each other the richness of our Catholic faith and provide a safe, happy and caring environment; where each one can be helped and nurtured in the growth of their faith. We also welcome children of families who are not Catholic but seeking a Christian environment for their child. Parents and carers will be supported actively and positively in their role as educators of their children.

We would be pleased to have the opportunity to show prospective parents around our school when the atmosphere and ethos can be experienced at first hand.

We welcome this as an opportunity to explain our aims and to be able to answer any questions that you may have.


In May 2017, Ofsted rated us as ‘good’.  In our RE Inspection in November 2013, we were judged as ‘outstanding’. The staff and Governors are very proud of the Catholic ethos of our school and parents identify it as a strength of the school.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission statement at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School is embedded by the statement of ethos:


‘With Jesus at the centre of all we do and say’


With the mission statement in mind, St. Joseph’s Catholic School


  • believes in a partnership between home, school and parish in which each child experiences a living faith based on the teachings of Christ
  • endeavours to create a caring environment where each child, being unique and individual, has the opportunity to fulfil their potential
  • aims for excellence in all areas of the curriculum
  • strives towards achieving good working relationship and open communication, with children and adults being supported, respected and valued


Our 5 Virtues to live by



Our School councillors and Mini Vinnies looked at a number of values. These were delivered through assemblies, class discussions, role play and displays. All the children, staff, families and governors were asked to vote on which virtues were the most important to us. These 5 were chosen and adopted as St. Joseph's key virtues.

Class 1-Love

Class 2-Friendship

Class 3-Honesty

Class 4 Trust

Class 5-Respect

Minutes from the Mini Vinnies and School council meeting. Please click below

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Views from the children:

  • We have looked at a lot of different values over the year. I feel that Love is important because Jesus taught us that we should love one another as he loves us
  • Honesty is important to me. I know that you must always tell the truth even when you sometimes makes mistakes
  • At St. Joseph's we all play together and look after one another. We are all friends. Friendship is important.
  • I like the 5 virtues being in the new prayer garden. It reminds us of which class has each one.
  • My family and me picked these virtues because they helps us to look after one another and treat each other with love and respect.

Our ethos is central to all we do and say. Over the last year we have achieved a number of standards from the Healthy Schools Award including Leadership and  Partnership with families. Our ethos is lived by the children, their families, our staff and the wider community including our Church. Achieving these standards recognizes and celebrates the strong links we have and the importance of working together to provide the highest quality education for all.