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School is now closed for the summer and will re open on Wednesday 2nd September. Stay safe.

Friends of St. Joseph's

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We are a group of parents that meet up voluntarily to discuss ways to help raise funds for the Friends of St Joseph’s. We have a small number of parents that regularly attend these meetings and would be very grateful for any other parents interested. It is quite insightful as to how the Friends of St Joseph’s is run and also what we have achieved over the school year.

The aim of the fund raising is to enable the school to buy new equipment that will benefit all of the children, and by holding events, such as, the Summer Fair, Disco’s, Bag Packing etc.

Over the past few years we have bought cameras, Ipads, a new stage and more recently provided new playground markings.

Friends of St Joseph’s Logo

We are in need of the children’s help on this one, we would like the children to come up with a Logo for The Friends of St Joseph’s. The winning design would be printed on each of the Friends of St Joseph’s letters going out to the parents.

Donna Shackleton raised a point of maybe having a suggestion box inside the school reception, so parents with any new ideas that cannot make the Friends of St Joseph’s meetings could have their say.

We are always in need of new ideas and would appreciate any input added by any parents or guardians.


Christmas Fair

Thank you to everyone who supported our joint school and parish Christmas Fair. It raised £2,250! Thank you for all your donations, raffle ticket sales, help running stalls and to those who attended despite the weather!

Bag Packing at Morrison's 

The Friends of St. Joseph's organised another bag packing event at Morrison's, this was amazingly successful and raised £912 for school funds.

Ladies Night.

The Friends of St. Joseph's organised a Ladies Night with lots of stalls, which raised over £100. 

Mark's Magic Kingdom

The Friends of St. Joseph's, organised a visit from Mark's Magic Kingdom as a fundraiser.  It was an amazing event which was thoroughly enjoyed by everone who attended. It raised a magical £165 for school funds.

School Disco

The school disco was a great success and raised and amazing £380 for school funds. 

Christmas Fair

The Christmas Fair, which was held on Friday 1st December, was very well attended, raising £ 1960 which was shared between the school and parish.

Frank Street Shop

The Friends of St.Joseph's ran a shop in Barnoldswick town centre selling goods donated by parents and parishioners.  Thanks to all their hard work £583 was raised for school funds. 

Bag Packing at Morrisons

The 'Friends of St. Joseph's' organised a bag packing fund raiser at Morrisons in Skipton.  The children who attended did a magnificent job and raised £871 for school funds.

Coffee Morning

The Friends of St. Joseph's held a coffee morning at the pensioners centre in Barnoldswick, they raised £151.60 for school funds. 

Wacky Hair Day

The Friends of St. Joseph's organised a Wacky Hair Day in school where the children gave a donation to be able to come with an Wacky hair style.  There were some amazing designs and colours and the children had lots of fun while at the same time raising £127 for school funds.

Clamber Stack

The school has been fortunate to receive an award of £10,000 from Awards for All and a generous donation of £6,000 from the 'Friends of St. Joseph's. This has enabled us to purchase two new pieces of outdoor equipment, the clamber stack and an amphitheatre.  The clamber stack is now completed and was officially opened by members of the 'Friends of St. Joseph's' on the 21st April.  This equipment is for the Year 5 and 6 children who, in our school council meetings, have requested some outdoor equipment to challenge them.


Friends of St.Joseph's Shop

The Friends of St. Joseph's once again hired a shop in Barnoldswick town centre where they sold unwanted items donated by parents and staff of the school. £564 was raised for school funds.

We would like to thank everyone who helped out in the shop and who donated items to be sold.


Summer Fair

The Summer Fair was held at St. Joseph's Community Centre on 9th July. This was a very enjoyable day which raised an amazing £1286 which will be shared between the school and the parish. We would like to thank everyone for their support and contributions which helped to make this event such a success.

Bag Packing at Morrisons in Nelson

The Friends of St. Joseph's organised a bag packing event at Morrisons in Nelson.

We would like to thank all the children who took part and everyone who supported this event. It was very successful and raised £700 for school funds.

Quiz night

The Friends of St. Joseph's held a quiz night at the Parish Centre to raise funds to buy a defibrillator for the school. This event was well supported and was a very enjoyable evening.

Thanks to all the support for this event, enough money was raised to buy the defibrillator which will be available for use for everyone who uses the school.

St. George's Day Celebration.

We raised a fabulous £265 at the St. George's Day celebration held on the town square in Barnoldswick. The school choir also attended, filling the square with amazing singing and thrilling harmonies. They later performed at the Cravenside home for the elderly.


Fabulous New Playground!

Thanks to the hardwork and dedication of the Friends of St. Joseph's ,in their fundraising activities, we have had our playground transformed. The children are enjoying the vibrant and exciting new environment.