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Physical activity


Here at St. Joseph's we have been celebrating the wide variety of sporting activities and competitions we participate in. We have also looked at how many children participate in an after school club in Key Stage Two and how many children choose to participate in playground leader activities at lunch time.

Our school has achieved the School Games Silver Award and is now aiming for GOLD in 2017!

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Weekly Sport

The table below shows the activities available at school this term.

After school
(at school)
After school
(other venue)
  Playground leaders Dance/Gymnastics with
Miss Pilling
Ks2  Football training
Breakfast club
Playground leaders Ks2 Netball training  
Breakfast club
Playground leaders    
Breakfast club
Ks1 Sportscool 
Lunch-time club
Dance with Sportscool
Year 3/4 Indoor
  Ks2 Sportscool
Lunch-time club
Dance with Sportscool
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Our sport monitors have spoken to all the children in Key Stage Two and asked a number of questions about physical activity. The questionnaires show that our children in school enjoy sport. They understand why exercise is important. Please see some examples attached.


Sport Survey

Do you like sports? Yes/no (If not why?)

Do you do any after school clubs? Yes/no (If not why)

How do you get to school? Walk , car, bike or bus

Do you do any sports out of school? Yes/no If not, why? If yes, how many sessions in a week?

Why do we need to exercise?

Do you take part in playground leaders? Yes/no. If not,why?

Would you like any more sports at St. Joseph’s? Yes/no

Do you think our sports can be improved? If yes how/why?

What’s your favourite sport?


Playground Leaders

Class 5 have been training to be Playground Leaders. We will be showing the younger children in school lots of exciting games and activities they can do at playtime

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