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Our Statement to Live By this week is- I know what to do if I see anyone being hurt.

Pupil Parliament


Pendle Pupil Parliament

Two children from St. Joseph's have been chosen to represent the school in Pendle's Pupil Parliament at Nelson Town Hall. Children from a range of schools in the Pendle area will meet throughout the year with local councillors. They will discuss and debate issues that have arisen within their own schools.


A Message from the Chair

My role in Pendle Pupil Parliament is chair which is a very important job. One of my main duties is to lead the meetings and make sure they are running as they should be I also welcome guests and members of P.P.P to all of the meetings.  Overall this is a brilliant role which has helped me to grow in confidence and has been a fantastic opportunity for me to meet lots of new people and make friends.


A message from the Secretary

My role in the Pendle Pupil Parliament is the Secretary and I have to write down all the minutes in a book for each meeting, I am also part of the committee whch means that I have to go to planning meetings as well. I love being part of P.P.P because I know that every time I go there I am talking about how we can improve Pendle and I know that I am making changes all the time with P.P.P.

Dementia Friend Training

Our representatives to Pendle Pupil Parliament have arranged Dementia Friend training for the rest of the parliament members. They hope that the members will then encourage their schools to become Dementia Friends and help to raise awareness in their own communities.